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#HalloweenFoodFun ~ Spider Web Cupcakes

Happy almost Halloween!! I don't know about you but I have a very excited 4 year old in my house who is very excited about this holiday and anxiously counting down the days. She's excited about decorating and won't stop talking about costumes. I'm pretty sure she's going as Moana this year (you should see her hula dance every night in the shower when we play the Moana sound track - love!!!)

This is a super cute and easy decorative idea for Halloween themed cupcake tray - it's fun to do with the littles and could be easily adorned with some edible or plastic decorative spiders. I think that would be adorable. The chocolate cupcake recipe I included below is a super moist and tender cake recipe and I think would work well with mini chocolate chips as well if you wanted a little additional texture.
These are far from professional, and I really wanted to use black gel icing on the white background - but hey I didn't have much black left, but I did have pink an…

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